I created Elure Activewear after years of experiencing over-priced, poor quality gymwear and even though there were many brands out there, not many of these provide great fitting, supportive, premium quality at an affordable price. By creating Elure Activewear, the main aim is to provide women with high quality, flattering and comfortable workout outfits without the premium price tag.
All of our activewear is designed and created with your best interests in mind, ensuring the perfect fit regardless of shape or size. At Elure Activewear we want to make sure that every woman has the opportunity to look and feel good when working out and your outfit should not stop you from feeling confident and empowered to believe that you can achieve anything you wish.
With each of our collections and new designs comes endless amounts of dedication and thought to ensure the highest quality and best possible fit, whilst still aiming to keep everything at an accessible price.
Lots of Love,
Founder & CEO of Elure Activewear
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